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Christ Church Primary

Mrs Audrey West


What is your role at the school?

I am a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) working closely with a teacher to develop the children's individual targets.
What inspires you to teach / work at Christ Church Primary SW9?
I was first inspired to work here during my daughter's attendance to the school over 20 years ago. I was very impressed with her progress and decided that I would have liked to become a part of a network driven to excel children in their learning abilities. Since then I have undergone numerous courses to further my career in teaching children with special educational needs, which I have found very insightful and inspiring.
What do you enjoy most about teaching / working at Christ Church SW9?
I enjoy working on a one-to-one basis as this enables me to monitor a pupil's progress over the course of the year. It is very rewarding when a child meets or excels their targets. As a team we aim to create a positive working environment for the children to contribute to the ease of their learning.
What is unique about your role at the school?
Working as an LSA outside of the classroom really enables me to understand a child's personality and recognise how best to work with them, which is crucial in working with children with special educational needs.
What are your future ambitions? What do you hope to achieve at Christ Church Primary SW9?
I hope to inspire others in the way same way that I was inspired to work as an LSA.