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Christ Church Primary

Key Stage 1

Negotiated Learning

In Reception, the curriculum is presented as a range of teacher-designed activities and child-initiated learning.  Teachers plan for a range of activities during the week, which are laid out and presented to children as learning provocations.  Provocations include things such as: little books to entice children to write; matching one-to-one activities to develop number skills; small world activities to develop language skills and many more.

We also focus strongly on child-initiated learning, where children self-select resources or use resources that have been set out in different ways to enhance their learning.  Staff within the class interact with children to help them describe what they are learning and to help the child understand their learning journey.  The staff have a very clear framework of expectations for each child, and an excellent knowledge of how best to support and extend them. The learning a child does in the home corner about sharing, taking turns and positive social interactions is as valuable as the time they spend learning how to form their letters.  Where possible, we also include child-led provocations, such as when a child has brought in an item from home that stimulates some sort of learning response.  A good example of this is when a child brought in a Lego castle they had made with knights and princesses.  Soon the classroom was full of similar castles, children making knight’s helmets from cardboard, children designing outfits for princesses, role playing, story telling and writing all from something brought in from home!

In order to provide as broad a curriculum as possible, we embrace ‘free-flow’ learning in Reception.  This means that, apart from whole-class sessions, children will be able to move freely between the classroom and the outside area.  This allows the children to experience learning with many different pupils, thus extending their friendship groups as well as allowing them to access different learning experiences. Children will be developing the same writing skills, e.g. using initial letter sounds and leaving finger spaces, but will be applying those in a context that interests them.  Each child is expected to complete the objectives listed on their Learning Agreement during the Negotiated Learning session throughout the week.  During some afternoon Negotiated Learning sessions, we have whole-class RE lessons, whole-class circle time and whole-class music lessons on different days of the week.

Workshop time

Workshop involves pupils working in small groups on an adult-led activity that is designed to introduce new learning at a level that is appropriate to them, or to practise skills and move their understanding forward.  

Year one has collective worship in the hall on a daily basis.  This is led by various members of the school team, the local vicar or other guests.  There is at least one singing collective worship per week.


The children in Year 1 are taught PE by the sports coaches.  They have 2 sessions per week and are taught a wide range of skills.  The children are expected to have their PE kit with them all week.