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In our last Ofsted inspection, carried out in February 2012, we were rated as a ‘Good’ school, with outstanding leadership and management. Inspectors praised in particular the ‘secure and caring environment’ of the school, as well as the ‘innovative and stimulating curriculum’ enjoyed by our pupils. Inspectors also praised our ‘excellent’ and ‘passionate’ leadership which has been a key driver of our improvement over the past three years.

While we are delighted with the progress we have made in recent years, we are ambitious for our future and are committed to continuing to improve in the coming years, with our eventual goal being to achieve ‘Outstanding’ status in future inspections.

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SATs results

Monday 18th July 2016


Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to you on behalf of the board of Governors of Christ Church Primary SW9 as we are aware that you may be concerned when our Key Stage 2 (year 6) results are published.  We have had a wonderful year at the school, and I am sure that you will be aware of that from your child/ren.  The apparent drop in performance at Key Stage 2 may then appear all the more concerning.

It is the Governors job to look at these results and ask questions of the school to discover the reasons why attainment levels dipped.  We have done this and are satisfied with the explanation of the reasons behind our KS2 results this year.


The new Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) introduced this year are very different to the tests used in previous years. As a result the national averages have dropped significantly due to the brand new tests and teachers across the country have raised concerns that the results do not reflect the work put in by pupils, and we feel the same.


For our year 6 class this year, as well as the new testing format, there are other factors which affected their results. Our 2015-16 Year 6 class had a very unusually high percentage of children who:


 have joined the school very recently; (in the last academic year)

 have special educational needs;

 have English as a second or third language. 

 have other barriers to learning


In a small class of 21 children, each child counts for a large percentage of the results. In most classes of 30 children, each child would count for 3%, in our class, each child is 5%.


At least 75% of the children in year 6 have one or more of these barriers to learning; however in spite of this, some of these pupils achieved well in some subject areas even if their overall score was low; and some overcame their barriers to learning altogether.


This is even more clearly reflected in in our progress data which shows that in year 6, 85% of the children made at least expected progress, with 61% exceeding expected levels of progress.  This is the result of excellent teaching.   We are also confident that next year the cohort has significantly fewer barriers to learning, so the attainment results will appear much more positive.


We also looked at the 'Key Stage 1’ results, where there were also new tests, and where the news appears more obviously encouraging. Our KS1 scores this year were in line with, or above national averages. Similarly the ‘Early Years’ results followed an upward trend on previous years’ attainment.


Some of our children at Christ Church Primary SW9 face really tough challenges when it comes to education.  Nevertheless, because of the excellent leadership and planning of our senior teachers, and the dedication of the staff, the pupils have enjoyed being at school, have been engaged in their learning, and have worked hard. As a result in recent years we have been as high as the top 1% of schools in the country for the amount of progress our pupils make.  This means we have ensured that children leave Christ Church with a brighter educational future than they might otherwise have expected, no matter what their starting point.


We hope that this information will help to allay any concerns you may have. As Governors we will continue to support the school to deliver an excellent education for your children.  If you have any questions about this letter please do not hesitate to get in touch.


With all good wishes for the summer break.


Rev’d Tim Jeffreys, Chair Of Governors


To view the full set of exam and assessment results and performance tables, please click here to go to the Department for Education website.