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Christ Church Primary

Key Stage 2

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures

Alongside our KRM teaching methods, we make extensive use of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, a set of teaching and learning techniques pioneered by renowned psychologist Dr. Spencer Kagan in America. These structures involve pupils being divided into small groups and working collaboratively towards a common goal. The structures eliminate the typical classroom scenario of ‘hogs and logs’, whereby few children (the hogs) typically answer all of the questions, allowing the rest of the class (the logs) to be passive.  Kagan Structures ensure all children are active participants in learning and that everyone is held accountable.  They also enable the children to develop their inter-personal skills through active listening, collaboration and presenting.  They are effective because every pupil shares in the successes of the group, having all played their part in the set task.

Gifted & Talented

We believe that as much as possible should be done to develop and nurture the full potential of our gifted and talented pupils by setting in place specific learning programmes.  We work closely with schools within our cluster group to provide opportunities through the Gifted and Talented Partnership and Excellence Hub.  We go out of our way to ensure that all children displaying any talents are recognised and given opportunities to maximise their potential.

Beyond the classroom

At Christ Church, we believe that learning should not be limited purely to the classroom. We are committed to offering opportunities for our pupils to undertake exciting and character-building activities outside of the school boundaries.